Shipments and returns

Your pack shipment

Packages are generally dispatched within 2 days after receipt of payment and are shipped via Nationwide Express with tracking and drop-off without signature. Nationwide Express has grown to become a Malaysian household name with a well-earned reputation in providing fast and reliable door-to-door express deliveries. Our presence in over 180 locations enables us to instantly respond to your urgent collections and delivery instructions. We adhere to rigorous service standards of 24-hour deliveries within Peninsular Malaysia and 48 hours to East Malaysia. And to cater for more demanding shipments, we also provide special arrangements.

To instantly respond to our customers’ urgent collections and delivery instructions, we adhere to rigorous express service standards of 24 hours deliveries within Peninsular Malaysia and 48 hours to East Malaysia for our courier products and solutions. We diff erentiate our courier products and solutions into 2, namely:-

Standard courier products and solutions

Schedule pick-up

  • Pre arranged shipments of daily express pick-up at pre arranged address at scheduled times.

Express pick-up

  • Arrange shipments of non schedule express pick-up by calling our customer service hotline telephone numbers.

Express lodge-in

  • Self drop-off of express shipment at any of our stations, drop-off centres and/or retail outlets.

Premium courier products and solutions

Diplomat service

  • Same work day door to door rush delivery service within Malaysia.

Late pick-up

  • Through advance arrangement, we provide late pick-up but maintaining next-day delivery of shipments.

Early delivery

  • Through advance arrangement, your most urgent shipments can be delivered by early morning.